April 2012

Bill Watch 17-2012

BILL WATCH 17/2012

[29th April 2012]

Both Houses of Parliament are adjourned until Tuesday 15th May

Meetings of Portfolio and Thematic Committees are suspended until 7th May

Note: The parliamentary committee that met last week was not a regular committee, but an ad hoc Committee on Privileges specially appointed to consider a contempt of Parliament charge [see Bill Watch – Parliamentary Committees Series of 23rd April] 

Court Watch 8-2012


[25th April 2012]

Release of Accused on Bail Repeatedly Thwarted by State

Misuse of the Law [Section 121(3) of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act]

Bill Watch 16-2012

BILL WATCH 16/2012

[5th April 2012]

The Prime Minister has released a statement rejecting a public notice by the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Indigenisation and Empowerment to “non-compliant” mining companies

The Minister’s Public Notice