August 2014



[30th August 2014]

Freedom of Expression Case

Constitutionality of Section 31(a)(iii) of the Criminal Law Code

[Publication of False Statements Prejudicial to the State]

BILL WATCH 31-2014

BILL WATCH 31/2014

[25th August 2014]

Both Houses of Parliament Resume Sitting Tomorrow 26th August

Electoral Amendment Act Now Law

The Electoral Amendment Act [No. 6 of 2014] was gazetted on 20th August in a Government Gazette Extraordinary and came into operation that day.  [Act available from addresses below]

TIMBA v PASSADE - Mount Pleasant Election Petition - Electoral Court judgment 18 Aug 2014

BHUNU J: The applicant Jameson Timba and the respondent Jason Passade and one Peter Muchadamano were conte~tants for the Mount Pleasant Constituency Parliamentary seat in the recent Harmonised National Assembly Elections held on 31 July 2013. The Mount Pleasant Constituency is made up of 2 wards being wards 7 and 17.