September 2014

BILL WATCH 37-2014

BILL WATCH 37/2014

[24th September 2014]

Last Week of the Present Parliamentary Session

Houses Resolve to End “Session” on 25th September

Last week both Houses of Parliament resolved that “the First Session of the Eighth Parliament will end on Thursday 25th September 2014”[Full text of the resolutions available from the addresses given at the end of this bulletin.]

Sovereign Wealth Fund of Zimbabwe Bill (as amended by Nat Assembly 3 Sept 2014) - HB 6A-2013

Original version: H.B. 6, 2013
Gazetted:  10th January 2014

National Assembly

First Reading & referred to Parliamentary Legal Committee: 

PLC report (non-adverse): 

Second Reading: 

Committee Stage (amendments):  3rd September 2014 

Referred back to PLC:  3rd September 2014 

PLC report [non-adverse]:   16th September 2014

Third Reading & Transmission to Senate as H.B. 6A, 2014:   17th September 2014


SADC Protocol on Gender & Development 2008


We, the Heads of State or Government of:
The Republic of Angola
The Republic of Botswana
The Democratic Republic of Congo
The Kingdom of Lesotho
The Republic of Madagascar
The Republic of Malawi
The Republic of Mauritius
The Republic of Mozambique
The Republic of Namibia
The Republic of South Africa
The Kingdom of Swaziland
The United Republic of Tanzania
The Republic of Zambia
The Republic of Zimbabwe