February 2015

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[28th February 2015]

Parliament Will Sit Again on Tuesday 3rd March

At the end of their sittings on Thursday 19th February both the Senate and the National Assembly started a week-long break by adjourning until Tuesday 3rd March.  At the same sittings the presiding officers announced that all committee business would also be suspended until Monday 2nd March. 

RBZ (Debt Assumption) Bill: Committee Stage Amendments

RBZ (Debt Assumption) Bill Committee Stage Amendments as proposed by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development. These amendments include annexures showing:

- Prior debts of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe that are subject to validation and reconciliation.

- Wheat Payments: Dec 2007 - Apr 2009

- Clarifications of liabilities included in the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (Debt Assumption) Bill

Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12-06] (as amended 2nd January 2015)

An Act to provide for the functions, powers and duties of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe; to provide for the constitution of the Authority; to provide for the planning, management, allocation, regulation and protection of the broadcasting frequency spectrum and the regulation and licensing of broadcasting services and systems; to provide for programme standards; to regulate and license signal carriers; to encourage and develop the creative arts through broadcasting content standards; to create a sense of national identity through broadcasting services; t

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[18th February 2015]

Both Houses of Parliament Are Sitting This Week

This bulletin is intended to update readers on the following:

- the recent filling of the vacant ZANU-PF Mashonaland West party-list seat in the Senate;

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[16th February 2015]

Both Houses of Parliament Are Sitting This Week

What Happened in Parliament Last Week

On all three sitting days, the National Assembly sat for three hours or more, rising at 5.46 pm, 5.15 pm and 5.21 pm.


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[3rd February 2015]

Both Houses of Parliament Will Be Sitting This Week

Both Houses of Parliament resumed on Tuesday 27th January after their five-week Christmas and New Year holiday break. They will continue sitting this week, starting on Tuesday 4th February. 

Two National Assembly By-elections: Candidates Nominated