March 2015

BILL WATCH 11-2015

BILL WATCH 11/2015

[27th March 2015]

President Orders Another 14 By-Elections to Fill National Assembly Vacancies

In today’s Government Gazette there is a Presidential Proclamation [SI 39/2015] ordering the holding of by-elections to fill 14 National Assembly constituency vacancies.   

Zyeelelo Zyaampandamunsaka Munzila Imvwisisika (Simplified Version of the Declaration of Rights in Tonga)

Niinzi Zyeelelo Zyaampandamunsaka?

Ikkata Lyamulawu wanyika nguumulawu mupati munyika uupandulula mbiiyelede kulelwa nyika. Zyeelelo Zyaampandamunsaka (Declaration of Rights) zijanika muChaandano ChaNe muKkata Lyamulawu wanyika yesu. Chaandano eechi chipandulula zyeelelo antoomwe angwangunuko bantu nzibeelede kujana mubuumi bwabo kakutakwe uubabinda.

Isinqumo Samalungelo Oluntu Esenzwe Sabalula (Simplified Version of the Declaration of Rights in Ndebele)

Kuyini iSinqumo Samalungelo Oluntu?

ISisekelo Sombuso welizwe ngumthetho ongaphezukwayo yonke imithetho yelizwe njalo yiso esihlela indlela zonke ezilandelwa nguHulumende ekubuseni ilizwe. Izinqumo zamalungelo abantu zihlelwe kuSahluko sesine (4) seSisikelo Sombuso. Isahluko lesi siphathelane lamalungelo lezinkululeko ezifanelwe ukutholwa ngabantu bonke baseZimbabwe.

BILL WATCH 10-2015

BILL WATCH 10/2015

[19th March 2015]

MDC-T Precipitates 21 More Parliamentary Vacancies

MDC-T Succeeds in Unseating 21 Renewal Team MPs

On Tuesday 17th March similar rulings were handed down, in the Senate by the President of the Senate and in the National Assembly by the Speaker, declaring vacancies in:

- 4 Senate seats

SC 2015-12 - Thematic Committee on HIV & AIDS on the ART Roll Out Programme in Some Health Institutions in Harare

The Zimbabwean Government declared HIV and AIDS a national disaster in 2002, this required the government to deal with it as a high priority in terms of funding and management. The government implemented a policy of widespread information dissemination on HIV and AIDS, behavioural change and abstinence.

Transport Operators Association of Zimbabwe v Minister of Transport and Another

In this application the applicant seeks relief in the form of a declaratur to the effect that the Road Traffic Act (Construction and Equipment Use) Regulations 2010 (Statutory Instrument 154 of 2010) ("the Regulations") and the amendments thereto are invalid, null and void or alternatively, that s 10(2) of the Regulations is ultra vires the Road Traffic Act [Cap 13:11] ("the RTA") and therefore null and void.

SC 2015-08 - Report of The Thematic Committee on Indigenisation and Empowerment on the Operations of the Community Share Ownership Trusts & Employee Share Ownership Schemes

1.1 Under indigenisation and empowerment, government focuses on broad based economic empowerment to ensure the majority of Zimbabweans are integrated into the main stream economy and that they become drivers and beneficiaries of the economic activities in the country.
1.2 Some of the vehicles that are being used to achieve broad based economic empowerment are: