November 2015

Special Economic Zones Bill - H.B. 15, 2015

Special Economic Zones - H.B. 15, 2015
Explanatory Memorandum

This Bill seeks to provide for the establishment of the Special Economic Zones Authority and to provide for the functions thereof; to provide for the constitution and functions of the Special Economic Zones Board; to provide for the establishment of Special Economic Zones, the administration, control, regulatory measures and incentives.

The individual clauses of the Bill are explained below:

2016 Budget Strategy Paper


The 2016 Pre-Budget Strategy Paper (BSP) is meant to facilitate stakeholders’ participation and debate on budgetary and macro-economic policy issues for the forthcoming 2016 National Budget.

2. The objective is to build consensus on specific issues to be addressed under the Budget.

BILL WATCH 53-2015

BILL WATCH 53/2015

[2nd November 2015]

Both Houses of Parliament are in Recess until 17th November

Both the National Assembly and the Senate sat last week, on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th October.  After their Wednesday sittings both Houses adjourned until Tuesday 17th November.

Nkulumane By-Election Proclamation