June 2016

SI 2016-050 - Defence (Regular Force) (Officers) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 (No. 7)

IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Defence, in terms of section 113 of the Defence Act [Chapter 11:02], and after consultation with the Defence Forces Service Commission,has made the following regulations:-
1. These regulations may be cited as the Defence (Regular Force) (Officers) (Amendment) Regulations, 2016 (No.7).

SI 2016-053 - Date of Commencement Joint Ventures Act [Chapter 22.22] (No. 6 of 2015)

HIS Excellency the President, in terms of section (2) of the Joint Ventures Act [Chapter 22:22] (No.6 of 2015), hereby fixes the date of publication of this notice as the date on which the said Act shall come into operation.

Note by Veritas: Commencement date for the Joint Ventures Act [Chapter 22:22] is 27th May, 2016.