August 2016

Gwanda State University Act

To establish the Gwanda State University; and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Enacted by the Parliament and the President of Zimbabwe .


1        Short title

This Act may be cited as the Gwanda State University Act [Chapter 25:30],

2        Interpretation

In this Act—

Constitution Watch 18-2016


[29th August 2016]

Constitutional Right to Fair and Public/Transparent Trials


Opposition activists and others who were arrested for allegedly taking part in the disorders that rocked Harare last week are being brought to the Harare Magistrates Court for remand, presumably on charges of public violence or inciting public violence.

SI 2016-093 - Proclamation 5 of 2016 - Announcement of Norton By-Election

HIS EXCELLENCY THE HONOURABLE ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE, G.C.Z.M., President of Zimbabwe and Commander in-Chief of the Defence Forces of Zimbabwe.
WHEREAS, in terms of section 129(1)(k) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the seat of member of Parliarment for Norton has become vacant by reason of member of Parliament having
ceased to belong to a political party which he was member when elected to Parliament.

SI 2016-092 - Harare (Road Verges Maintenance) By-laws, 2016

IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing has, in terms of section 229 of the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:151. approved the following by-laws made by Harare City Council. These by-laws may be cited as the Harare (Road Verges Maintenance) By-lavvs, 2016.
These by-laws shall apply to the City of Harare area and any local government area the administration, control and management of which is vested in the City Council of Harare.

SI 2016-089 - Estate Agents (Professional Conduct) (Amendment) Rules, 2016 (No. 6)

IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs has, in terms of section 70 of the Estate Agents Act [Chapter 27: 17], approved the following rules made by the Estate Agents Council. These rules may be cited as the Estate Agents (Professional Conduct) (Amendment) Rules, 2016 (No.6).

Commissions Watch 6-2016



[18th August 2016]

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission: Six Vacancies Filled

This bulletin is an update on the membership of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC] following its return to full strength with the filling of six vacancies last month.

Constitution Watch 17-2016


[15th August 2016]

Constitutional Alignment:

ConCourt Outlines Duties of the ZBC as a Public Broadcaster


Is it constitutional for the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation [the ZBC] to collect compulsory licence fees from members of the public who have television sets?

BILL WATCH 35-2016

BILL WATCH 35/2016

[17th August 2016]

Parliamentary Sittings Resumed on Tuesday 16th August

No Mid-term Fiscal Policy Review This Week

The latest information is that the Mid-term Fiscal Policy Review will not be presented this week.  A date for its presentation will be announced in due course. 

Parliament is not expected to sit next week.