September 2016

Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (I-PRSP) 2016 - 2018


Eradicating poverty is a top priority of Government‘s overall policy objective, which stems from the country’s development blue print, the ‘Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation’ (Zim Asset), October 2013-December 2018. Poverty eradication strategies and interventions have been embedded in all economic programmes Government has been implementing since the attainment of Independence in 1980.

National Competitiveness Bill, 2016


To provide for the establishment of the National Competitiveness Commission and to provide for its functions and management; to enable a competitive environment for Zimbabwean businesses through the development, coordination and implementation of key policy irnprovements; to repeal the National Incomes and Pricing Act [Chapter 14:32]; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

SI 2016-111 Legal Practitioners(Designated Legal Qualifications) Notice 2016

Statutory Instrument 111 of 2016.
[CAP. 27:07
Legal Practitioners (Designated Legal Qualifications) Notice, 2016

THE Council for Legal Education, in terms of section 6(1) of the Legal Practitioners (Council for Legal Education) Rules, 1992, hereby makes the following notice:-

1 This notice may be cited as the Legal Practitioners (Designated Legal Qualifications) Notice, 2016.

Administrative Justice Act as at 15 September 2016

Commencement:  3rd September, 2004 (date of publication in the Government Gazette).


Chapter 10:28

Administrative Justice ACT

Acts 12/2004, 5/2014 (s. 33), 3/2016.[1]



    1.   Short title.

    2.   Interpretation and application.

    3.   Duty of administrative authorities.

    4.   Relief against administrative authorities.