October 2017

Consolidated Statement of Financial Performance of the Consolidated Revenue Fund

The Consolidated Statement of Financial Performance (CSFP) is prepared on the going concern basis. The Consolidated Statement has been based upon accounting policies, which have been consistently applied.
The Consolidated Statement of Financial Performance on pages 6 to 15 has been approved by the Secretary and Paymaster General, and the Accountant General
Gazetted 6th October 2017

BILL WATCH 36-2017

BILL WATCH  36/2017

[5th October 2017]

Update on Statutory Instruments Gazetted during September

This bulletin outlines all statutory instruments gazetted during September.  Unless stated otherwise, they all came into operation on the gazetted dates given below.

Four noteworthy instruments were made by the President:

SI 2017-102 Commission of Inquiry Into Sale of Urban State Land

HIS. EXCELLENCY THE HONOURABLE ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE, G.C.Z.M., President of Zimbabwe and Commanderin-Chief of the Defence Forces of Zimbabwe.
WHEREAS, in terms of section 2(1) of the C0mmissions of Inquiry Act [Chapter 10:07], it is provided that, the President may, when he considers it advisable, by proclamation, appoint a Commission of Inquiry consisting of one or more commissioners;

BILL WATCH 35-2017

BILL WATCH 35/2017
[29th September 2017]
In Parliament 19th to 28th September [Last Week and This Week]
Only the National Assembly sat last week, but this week both Houses met.    Tuesday’s sitting of the Senate was its first since the opening of the present session of Parliament.  
In the National Assembly Last Week