July 2018

GN 2018 - 409 Addresses of Constituency elections officers for harmonized elections 2018

IT is hereby notified that, the Chief Elections Officer has, in terms of section 4 of the Electoral Regulations, 2005, published in Statutory Instrument 21 of 2005, appointed the persons specified in the first column of the Schedule to be Constituency Elections Officers in Constituencies specified in the second column of that Schedule at the addresses specified in the third column thereto.

SI 1992-447 - Legal Practitioners (Council for Legal Education) Rules, 1992

SCHEDULE: Professional Examinations.
IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Justice, Legal and Constitutional Affairs, in terms of section 33Q1 of the Legal Practitioners Act, 1981, has approved the following rules made by the Council for Legal Education:‒
1. These rules may be cited as the Legal Practitioners (Council for Legal Education) Rules, 1992.
2.(1) In these rules—
“Council” means the Council for Legal Education;