September 2020

COURT WATCH 14/2020 - Reminder: Con Court Judges Interviews - Monday 28th September


[26th September 2020]

Public Interviews of Candidates for Appointment as

Judges of the Constitutional Court:
Monday 28th September at Meikles Hotel

The public interviews of the following candidates for appointment will take place on Monday 28th September in the Stewart Room at Meikles Hotel, Harare.

Warehouse Receipt Act as at 2020-09-25

AN ACT to provide for the establishment and registration of warehouses associated with the issuing of warehouse receipts and the licensing of warehousepersons; to provide for the storage of agricultural commodities in registered warehouses; to provide, for the setting up of a system of inspection, grading and weighing of such agricultural commodities; to provide for a negotiable warehouse collateral receipt system; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.

Constitution Watch 10/2020 - Con Court Orders Implementation of section 210 of Constitution


[24th September 2020]

Court Case to Compel Implementation of Section 210 of Constitution

Success At Last

Section 210 of the Constitution states:

“An Act of Parliament must provide an effective and independent mechanism for receiving and investigating complaints from members of the public about misconduct on the part of members of the security services, and for remedying any harm caused by such misconduct.”

SI 2020-223 Public Health (COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment) (National Lockdown) (No. 2) (Amendment) Order, 2020 (No. 4)

IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Health and Child Care has, in terms of section 8(1) of the Public Health (COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment) Regulations, 2020 (published in Statutory Instrument 77 of 2020), made the following order:—
1. This order may be cited as the Public Health (COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment) (National Lockdown) (No. 2) (Amendment) Order, 2020 (No. 4).


NOTICE is hereby issued in line with Circular 1 of 2020, dated 27th March, 2020, issued by the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ), NatPharm herein referred to as the “Procuring Entity operating under instructions from the Ministry of Health and Child Care” in line with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23] would like to notify the public of the updated and final standing list of suppliers for detergents, medical and surgical sundries under Framework Agreement Tender No.