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Correction to Bill Watch 45/2013 – Ministerial Appointments

In Bill Watch 45/2013 we named the wrong Mumbengegwi [Samuel] as Minister of Foreign Affairs.  In fact Simbarashe Mumbengegwi is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, retaining his previous Cabinet post.  Any embarrassment caused by this error is sincerely regretted.

BILL WATCH 47/2013

[20th September 2013]

President Opens Eighth Parliament

BILL WATCH 46/2013

[16th September 2013]

Ceremonial Opening of Parliament – Tuesday 17th September

BILL WATCH 45/2013

[16th September 2013]

Ministerial Appointments

On 11th September the President swore in Vice-President Joice Mujuru and Ministers, Ministers of State in the President’s Office or Vice-President’s Office, Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs and Deputy Ministers at State House.

BILL WATCH 44/2013

[6th September 2013]

Swearing-in of MPs of 8th Parliament

BILL WATCH 43/2013

[2nd September 2013]

Swearing-in of MPs of 8th Parliament

The swearing-in proceedings for members of the new Parliament will take place at Parliament on Tuesday 3rd September as follows:

BILL WATCH 42/2013

[27th August 2013]

Swearing in of New [8th] Parliamentary Set for 3rd September

Eighth Parliament of Zimbabwe Began on 22nd August

BILL WATCH 41/2013

[26th August 2013]

Presidential Inauguration, New Constitution Fully in Force, End of Inclusive Government

Presidential Inauguration on 22nd August

Mr Mugabe was sworn in as President on Thursday 22nd August, at the National Sports Stadium. 

BILL WATCH 40/2013

[20th August 2013]

Constitutional Court Dismisses Tsvangirai Election Petition

Declares President Mugabe Duly Elected

At 2.30 pm this afternoon, 20th August, Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku handed down the unanimous decision of the Constitutional Court dismissing Mr Tsvangirai’s election petition. 

BILL WATCH 39/2013

[18th August 2013]

Tsvangirai Election Petition Withdrawn

BILL WATCH 38/2013

[5th August 2013]

Timing of Swearing in of President-elect and New Parliament

Presidential Election Result Declared on Saturday 3rd August

BILL WATCH 37/2013

[3rd August 2013]

Stretching the Electoral Law till it Breaks


BILL WATCH 36/2013

[2nd August 2013]

Election Irregularities – What Can be Done about Them?

BILL WATCH 35/2013

[30th July 2013]

The Elections are Tomorrow, Wednesday 31st July

Response to Requests for More Information

Presidential Candidate Mukwazhe Withdraws

BILL WATCH 34/2013

[30th July 2013]

Problems with the Electoral Act


BILL WATCH 33/2013

[29th July 2013]

Possible Implications of Constitutional Court Giving Special Voters a Second Opportunity to Vote

BILL WATCH 32/2013

[26th July 2013]

Special Voting Debacle Prompts ZEC Application to Constitutional Court

Special Voting a Debacle: Many Unable to Vote

BILL WATCH 31/2013

[25th July 2013]

6 Days to Elections

This bulletin will cover the special voting debacle.

ZEC’s application to the Constitutional Court to try and remedy it will be covered in the next bulletin.

Special Voting Debacle

BILL WATCH 30/2013

[18th July 2013]

Elections Countdown

There are 13 days to go to polling day on Wednesday 31st July

31st July a Public Holiday

BILL WATCH 29/2013

[17th July 2013]

Legislation Update

Acts of 2013 Already Gazetted

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act, 2013 [No. 1/2013] on 22nd May 2013

Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act, 2013 [No. 4/2013] on 21st June, 2013

Bills Passed by Parliament not yet Gazetted as Acts

BILL WATCH 28/2013

[4th July 2013]

Constitutional Court Confirms 31st July Election Date

Late this afternoon the Constitutional Court, in a unanimous decision: