Bill Watch

 BILL WATCH 1/2020

[4th January 2020]

Parliament is in Recess until Tuesday 11th February

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 2) Bill Gazetted

BILL WATCH 69/2019

[16th December 2019]

Both Houses Will Sit Again This Week, from Tuesday 17th December

Consumer Protection Act Now Law

The Consumer Protection Act [Chapter 14:14] [link] was gazetted as Act No. 5 of 2019 on Tuesday 10th December 2019.  The Act came into force as law on that date. 

BILL WATCH 68/2019

[10th December 2019]

Parliament Will Sit This Week, Starting Today, 10th December

This bulletin outlines the programme for this week’s sittings.  First, however, is a paragraph that had to be omitted from Bill Watch 67/2019 of 6th December [link] to avoid undue length.

Non-Adverse PLC Reports on Bills Announced Last Week

BILL WATCH 67/2019

[6th December 2019]

Both Houses Are Due to Sit Again on Tuesday 10th December

BILL WATCH 66/2019

[5th December 2019]

The Financial Adjustments Bill, 2019

BILL WATCH 65/2019

[1st December 2019]

In the National Assembly 26th to 28th November

Both Houses will be in Session this Week

Last week, only the National Assembly was in session.  The House concentrated on:

BILL WATCH 64/2019

[26th November 2019]

Only the National Assembly will be Sitting This Week

The Senate will Not Meet Until Tuesday 3rd December

Coming up in the National Assembly on Tuesday 26th November

2020 National Budget Debate

Resumption of the Budget debate is on the Order Paper for today, Tuesday 26th November. 

BILL WATCH 63/2019

[24th November 2019]

ZANU-PF versus MDC-A : Chairing of Parliamentary Committees


BILL WATCH 62/2019

[21st November 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament Have Adjourned

The National Assembly Will Meet Again on Tuesday 26th November

The Senate Will Not Meet until Tuesday 3rd November

BILL WATCH 61/2019

[16th November 2019]

Two Major New Acts Gazetted:

Maintenance of Peace and Order Act

Companies and Other Business Entities Act

Both the above Acts were published in a Government Gazette Extraordinary dated 15th November 2019.  

BILL WATCH 60/2019

[15th November 2019]

The New Ministerial Line-up

On Friday 8th November the Office of the President and Cabinet announced changes made by President Mnangagwa to his Ministerial line-up with immediate effect. The following tables show the complete Ministerial line-up including the changes, in alphabetical order by name of Ministry. 

BILL WATCH 59/2019

[14th November 2019]

The 2020 National Budget Was Presented Today

Under the Theme

“Gearing for Higher Productivity, Growth and Job Creation”

BILL WATCH 58/2019

[11th November 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament Will be Sitting This Week

The 2020 National Budget Presentation will be on Thursday 14th November

BILL WATCH 57/2019

[7th November 2019]

Update on Parliamentary Sittings 22nd to 24th October

Both Houses of Parliament Will Reassemble on Tuesday 12th November

Both Houses will reconvene next week, having adjourned until Tuesday 12th November after their last sittings on 24th October.  In the meantime, MPs and Ministers have been attending the pre-Budget Seminar at Victoria Falls from 30th October to 4th November.

BILL WATCH 56/2019

[30th October 2019]

International Treaties Bill

BILL WATCH 55/2019

[24th October 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament are Sitting This Week

Parliament Criticised for Low Output of Bills Last Session

BILL WATCH 54/2019

[22nd October 2019]

Both the Senate and the National Assembly Resume Sittings Today

Note:  The President has declared Friday 25th October a public holiday

to allow Zimbabweans to attend solidarity against sanctions on Zimbabwe events.

Coming up in Parliament

BILL WATCH 53/2019

[20th October 2019]

Update on Statutory Instruments: Part 2

This bulletin continues where Bill Watch 52 of 16th October [“Statutory Instruments:  Part 1]” [link] stopped;  it will deal with Government Gazettes from SI 205/2019 of 20th September up to SI 221/2019 of 18th October.  

BILL WATCH 52/2019

[16th October 2019]

Update on Government Gazettes and Statutory Instruments
Part 1

BILL WATCH 51/2019

[1st October 2019]

The Second Session of this Parliament Opened Today

Ceremonial Opening of Parliament