Bill Watch

BILL WATCH 25/2018

19th September 2018

President Delivers State of the Nation Address
and Sets Out Legislative Agenda for 2018-2019

There was a joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament yesterday to mark the official opening of the First Session of the new Parliament. 

BILL WATCH 24/2018

18th September 2018

Update on Bills and Acts of the Last Parliamentary Session

The last session of the previous Parliament ran from 12th September 2017 to 29th July 2018. Its last business sitting, however, was on 7th June, when both Houses adjourned indefinitely.

Acts of Parliament Enacted

BILL WATCH 22/2018

14th September 2018

Parliament’s Apology to the Chief Justice

and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Chairperson

BILL WATCH 22/2018

14th September 2018

President Mnangagwa’s Ministerial Appointments

BILL WATCH 21/2018

13th September 2018

Official Opening of Parliament and President’s State of the Nation Address

Tuesday 18th September

BILL WATCH 20/2018

12th September 2018

Election of Speaker, President of the Senate and Deputies

BILL WATCH 19/2018

10th September 2018

Inauguration of New Local Authority Councils

Following our two previous bulletins about the post-election inauguration of the President and Parliament, this bulletin discusses the inauguration of the new local authority councils and outlines the relevant constitutional and statutory provisions. 


BILL WATCH 18/2018

4th September 2018

Swearing-in of MPs – Wednesday 5th September

First Sitting of New Parliament – Tuesday 11th September

Swearing-in of Members of Parliament

BILL WATCH 17/2018

3rd September 2018

President’s Assumption of Office and Appointment of Cabinet

BILL WATCH 16/2018

21st August 2018

Zimbabwe Land Commission Advertisement for Consultants for

(1) the Audit of Agricultural Land and (2) the Review of the

Agricultural Land Leasehold Land Tenure System


BILL WATCH 14/2018

4th June 2018

Both Houses of Parliament will Sit Again This Week

Parliament Coming to a Close

BILL WATCH 13/2018

28th May 2018

Both the National Assembly & the Senate will Sit This Week

Bills with President for Assent

Two Bills were sent to the President on 24th May for his assent and gazetting as Acts:

·        Electoral Amendment Bill

·        Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company (Debt Assumption) Bill.

Both Acts could be gazetted any time this week. 

BILL WATCH 12/2018

[21st May  2018]

Only the Senate is Sitting This Week

The National Assembly will Resume on Tuesday 29th May

Coming up in Senate this Week

BILL WATCH  11/2018

[15th May 2018]

Bills in Parliament This Week

BILL WATCH 10/2018

[8th May 2018]

Bills Coming up in Parliament This Week

Both Houses of Parliament resume sitting today, Tuesday 8th May 2018.  They face a heavy legislative programme, and the prospect of fast-tracking of Bills regarded as particularly urgent. 

Bills Coming up in the National Assembly


[15th April 2018]

Electoral Amendment Bill Delayed Until 8th May

The Government arranged special sittings of Parliament last week to have “urgent Government business” completed, particularly the Electoral Amendment Bill [MPs were originally due to be in recess for the whole of April].  But the National Assembly made no progress at all on the Electoral Amendment Bill.


[10th April 2018]

Both Houses Resume Sitting on Tuesday 10th April

MPs returned to their Parliamentary duties this week after a three-week break.  Parliament last sat on Thursday 22nd March. 


[20th March 2018]

Both Houses will be Sitting This Week

Finance Act and Appropriation (2018) Act Gazetted

The following Acts were gazetted in a Government Gazette Extraordinary on Wednesday 14th March [see General Notice 158A/2018].  They are the first Acts of 2018.  Both came into force immediately:


[19th March 2018]

Indigenisation Act Amendments: Part 2

This bulletin supplements Bill Watch 5/2018 dated 17th March [“Indigenisation Act Amendments Now Law”].



[17th March 2018]

Indigenisation Act Amendments Are Now Law

It was expected that amendments to the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act would have been made in Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Amendment Bill.

Instead they were tucked away in the annual Finance Act, which deals mainly with taxation and as usual was passed by Parliament with little debate.