Bill Watch

BILL WATCH 38/2015

[10th September 2015]

Amendment of the Amended Labour Amendment Act

A Much-Altered Provision

The Labour Amendment Bill was rushed through Parliament in mid-August.  Clause 18 of the Bill, as passed by the Senate, read as follows:

18 Transitional provision

BILL WATCH 37/2015

[8th September 2015]

Parliament will not meet again until Tuesday 15th September

Finance Bill Gazetted

BILL WATCH 36/2015

[7th September 2015]

Official Opening of Parliament Tuesday 15th September

President Summons Parliament for Official Opening of Third Session

BILL WATCH 35/2015

[26th August 2015]

Parliament has adjourned until Tuesday 15th September

Labour Amendment Act Gazetted and in Force

The Labour Amendment Act was gazetted this morning as Act No. 5 of 2015.  The Act came into force immediately, i.e., with effect from Wednesday 26th August.  [Copy available from Veritas at the addresses given at the end of this bulletin]

BILL WATCH 34/2015

[25th August 2015]

The President’s State of the Nation Address
Tuesday 25th August at 3 pm

President’s State of the Nation Address – Tuesday 25th August

BILL WATCH 33/2015

[24th August 2015]

Labour Amendment Bill Fast-Tracked through Parliament

The Supreme Court Judgment of 17th July 2015

BILL WATCH 32/2015

[17th August 2015]

Parliament Recalled to Pass Labour Amendment Bill

BILL WATCH 31/2015

[16th August 2015]

Both Houses of Parliament Have Been Recalled to Sit This Week

Parliament Recalled to Consider Labour Amendment Bill

BILL WATCH 30/2015

[4th August 2015]

The National Assembly Will Sit Today

The Senate is Already in Recess until 1st September

National Assembly to Debate Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review Today

BILL WATCH 29/2015

[30th July 2015]

The General Laws Amendment Bill: Amendments to the Criminal Law Code


The GLA Bill proposes wide-ranging amendments to the Code, many of them minor, some of them far-reaching, most of them technically complex.  In this Bill Watch we shall explain the more important of these amendments.

BILL WATCH 28/2015

[27th July 2015]

Both Houses will be sitting this Week

Public Hearings This Week for GLA Bill and CPE Amendment Bill

BILL WATCH 27/2015

[21st July 2015]

National Assembly Sits this Week and Next

Senate is in Recess this Week but Sits Next Week

Both Houses in Recess during August

BILL WATCH 26/2015

[20th July 2015]

The General Laws Amendment Bill


BILL WATCH 25/2015

[14th July 2015]

Parliament sat last week and continues this week

Cabinet Reshuffle: Monday 6th July

On Monday 6th July President Mugabe made new Ministerial appointments and reassigned other Ministers. 


BILL WATCH 24/2015

[6th July 2015]

Parliament sat last week and will continue this week

President Orders Three By-Elections, Including Mwenezi East

BILL WATCH 23/2015

[27th June 2015]

Hurungwe West, Swearing-in of New MPs, New Vacancies

Hurungwe West By-Election

A controversy has arisen over whether ZANU-PF’s Keith Guzah, declared winner of the Hurungwe West by-election on 10th June, was validly nominated to stand for the constituency. 

What Does the Constitution Say?

BILL WATCH 22/2015

[26th June 2015]

Both Houses of Parliament Will Continue Sitting Next Week

Sovereign Wealth Fund Act Now in Force

The Sovereign Wealth Fund of Zimbabwe Act has been brought into force and its first board of directors appointed [details of the relevant statutory instrument and official notice under the heading Government Gazette at the end of this bulletin].  

BILL WATCH 21/2015

[15th June 2015]

Both Houses of Parliament Will Continue Sitting This Week

By-elections Results: All 16 Seats to ZANU-PF

BILL WATCH 20/2015

[9th June 2015]

Both Houses of Parliament Resume Today, Tuesday 9th June

When the two Houses of Parliament resume today, they are scheduled, according to the 2015 Sitting Calendar, to sit for eight consecutive weeks until 30th July.  There are normally three sittings a week. 

Appointment of Clerk of Parliament

BILL WATCH 19/2015

[8th June 2015]

ZEC Appoints Chief Elections Officer

New Chief Elections Officer: Mrs Constance Chigwamba

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC] has announced the appointment of Mrs Constance Chigwamba as Chief Elections Officer with effect from 1st June 2015.  She fills the vacancy caused by the death of the former Chief Elections Officer, Mr Lovemore Sekeremayi in June 2014.