Bill Watch

BILL WATCH 44/2017

[3rd December 2017]

Revised Ministerial Line-up

The President’s Ministerial-line up has been revised so that he does not break the constitutional stipulation of having only five non-MPS as Ministers or Deputy Ministers.  The Annexure to this bulletin contains three tables showing the revised Ministerial appointments [with the effect of the revisions in shown in red].

BILL WATCH 43/2017

[2nd December 2017]

President Mnangagwa’s New Ministerial Line-up

Appointments Announced on 30th November 2017

Cabinet Ministers

There are 22 Ministers, compared to 28 following the reshuffle of 9th October; this number includes a Minister of State in the Presidents Office who is in Cabinet.

BILL WATCH  42/2017

[28th November 2017]

Both Houses of Parliament will Sit Today, Tuesday 28th November

President Mnangagwa Sworn in on Friday 24th November

BILL WATCH  41/2017

[22nd November 2017]

Impeachment Motion Started

President Resigned

Parliament Adjourned: Both Houses to Sit Again on Tuesday 28th November


Yesterday in Parliament

First – Separate sittings of both Houses to announce impeachment motion

BILL WATCH 40/2017

[31st October 2017]

Both Houses of Parliament Are Sitting This Week

Reconfigured Ministries: Nomenclature “Clarified”

BILL WATCH 39/2017

[20th October 2017]

The National Assembly Sat from the 17th – 19th October: the Senate did not

Both Houses will Resume on Tuesday 31st October

National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Bill

The Bill is still being prepared for transmission to the President for assent and subsequent gazetting as an Act.

BILL WATCH 38/2017

[15th October 2017]

New Ministerial Line-up

Following the Presidents Cabinet reshuffle of 9th October 2017


Name of Ministry

Minister after reshuffle

BILL WATCH 37/2017

[11th October 2017]

Both Houses of Parliament are Sitting This Week

National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Bill Finally Passed

BILL WATCH  36/2017

[5th October 2017]

Update on Statutory Instruments Gazetted during September

This bulletin outlines all statutory instruments gazetted during September.  Unless stated otherwise, they all came into operation on the gazetted dates given below.

Four noteworthy instruments were made by the President:

BILL WATCH 35/2017
[29th September 2017]
In Parliament 19th to 28th September [Last Week and This Week]
Only the National Assembly sat last week, but this week both Houses met.    Tuesday’s sitting of the Senate was its first since the opening of the present session of Parliament.  
In the National Assembly Last Week
BILL WATCH 34/2017
[28th September 2017]
Urgent Notice
Parliament Calls on Public to Nominate Candidates for Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board

BILL WATCH 33/2017

[19th September  2017]

The National Assembly Will Sit This Week, Starting Today

Late News: Electoral Amendment Bill Gazetted

An Electoral Amendment Bill was gazetted yesterday, 18th September, in a Government Gazette Extraordinary.  It is available on the Veritas website [link].

BILL WATCH 32/2017
[15th September 2017]
The Legislative Agenda for the Fifth Session of Parliament

BILL WATCH 31/2017

[12th September 2017]

Official Opening of Fifth and Final Session of Parliament

Tuesday 12th September

BILL WATCH 30/2017

[4th September 2017]

Parliament is in Recess

Official Opening of the Next Session – Tuesday 12th September

National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Bill: Present Status

BILL WATCH 29/2017

[1st September 2017]

Parliament is Now in Recess

Official Opening of the Next Session – Tuesday 12th September

Present Status of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 1) Bill

BILL WATCH 28/2017

[14th August 2017]

Parliament is Now in Recess

Official Opening of the Next Session – Tuesday 12th September

Acts of Parliament Gazetted on 4th August

Two Acts of Parliament were published in the Government Gazette on Friday 4th August:-

BILL WATCH 27/2017

[9th August 2017]

Parliament Adjourns to 12th September Leaving Bills Uncompleted

BILL WATCH 26/2017

[3rd August 2017]

Constitution Amendment Bill Passed by Senate?

Stop Press: There have been queries about the two-thirds majorities in both Houses that passed the Bill

BILL WATCH 25/2017

[26th July 2017]

Both Houses sat last week, from 18th to 20th July

And both are sitting this week, from Tuesday to Thursday

LATE NEWS:  Constitution Amendment Bill Passed by National Assembly