Election Watch

Election Watch 12-2018 - Electoral Amendment Bill Through Senate


[17th May 2018]

Electoral Amendment Bill Through the Senate

No New Amendments

The Bill was transmitted to the Senate from the National Assembly late on Thursday.  As there had been so many amendments made in the National Assembly a new version of the Bill incorporating these amendments was prepared for the Senate [link]

Election Watch 6-2018 - ZEC Press Statement : Dates for Inspection of Provisional Voters Roll

Voters’ Roll for Inspection: 2018

It is hereby notified for the general public that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) shall lay open the country’s Provisional Voters` Roll for inspection by the public from 19 May 2018 to 29 May 2018 in accordance with Section 21 of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13].

The purpose of the Provisional Voters’ Roll inspection is to allow members of the public to check if their details were correctly captured and if not, have the anomalies corrected.

Election Watch 5-2018 - Voter Registration Slips -Fact Check


[April 25th 2018]

Fact Check

Voter Registration Slips

There are still complaints that chiefs and headmen are demanding the numbers on people’s voter registration slips and even that they are collecting the slips themselves from people.

Election Watch 3-2018 - Ward Boundaries - Presidential Proclamation Usurps ZEC's Function


[18th March 2018]

Council Elections: President’s Proclamation of New Beitbridge Municipality

Usurps ZEC’s Functions

Unless ZEC acts to rectify the situation, people in Beitbridge will not be able to vote for councillors to represent them.   And Beitbridge is not the only place that will have this problem.