[22nd March 2015]

Public Interviews of Candidates for Appointment to
Four Independent Constitutional Commissions
Will be Conducted at Parliament from Monday to Wednesday This Week

Parliament’s Invitation to the Public to Attend Interviews

In press advertisements last week Parliament’s Committee on Standing Rules and Orders invited interested members of the general public, diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe and all civic society organisations to come and witness the interviews of candidates who have been short-listed to sit in the following Independent Commissions.

The persons to be interviewed are those who have been shortlisted by the Committee from responses to its calls during 2014 for members of the public and the President to nominate candidates to be considered for appointment as members the following Independent Commissions:

- Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission [1 vacancy]

- Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [2 vacancies]

- Zimbabwe Gender Commission [7 vacancies for founder members of this new commission]

- National Peace and Reconciliation Commission [8 vacancies for founder members of this new commission].

All four commissions are established by Chapter 12 of the Constitution, which is headed “Independent Commissions Supporting Democracy”.

Note:  There are also vacancies on the other Chapter 12 commission – the Zimbabwe Media Commission – but they do not feature in this week’s interviews.

Rules for Those Attending as Observers of the Interviews

The Committee has stipulated that those attending Parliament to witness the interviews:

- Must fully co-operate with Parliament's designated officers; and

- Must be seated in the Senate Chamber Public Gallery at least 30 minutes before the scheduled interview times for the day [see programme below].

In addition:

- no cell-phones or electronic recording gadgets will be allowed into the venue

- Parliament reserves the right to refuse to entry to, and eject from the gallery, anyone found wilfully disregarding its orders.

The Interview Programme

The venue for all interviews is the Senate Chamber at Parliament.  Those wishing to attend as witnesses of the proceedings should use the Kwame Nkrumah Avenue entrance to Parliament building [near corner of Third Street] and remember that they will be required to produce IDs.  

Monday 23rd March starting at 10 am

Public to be seated by 8.30 am

Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission

1 vacancy

6 candidates to be interviewed.

Monday 23rd March starting at 12.10 pm

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission

2 vacancies

12 candidates to be interviewed.

Tuesday 24th March starting at 9 am

Public to be seated by 8.30 am

Zimbabwe Gender Commission

7 vacancies

30 candidates to be interviewed.

Wednesday 25th March starting at 9 am

Public to be seated by 8.30 am

National Peace and Reconciliation Commission

8 vacancies

33 candidates to be interviewed.

Any queries related to the exercise should be addressed to the following Parliamentary officials [contact telephone numbers Harare 700181-9]:

Mr Malunga –; or

Mr Chingoma –



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