[23rd April 2015]

“Bringing our Constitution to Life”

Veritas’ Zimbabwe Constitution App

Veritas made the Zimbabwe Constitution App available in mid-2013, but for those of you who have still not got it this is a reminder about it and how to download it.

The App is compatible with mobile phones or tablets that use Blackberry, Android and Java operating systems and it contains the exact text of the Zimbabwe Constitution as passed into law on 22nd May 2013. If you wish to install the App please go to the relevant link below:





Below is a guide on how to use the App once you have downloaded it onto your device. The illustrations are based on an Android device but the steps are the same across all compatible software platforms:


1.   To access the app one needs to touch the Veritas logo.


2. The app will start loading, showing the coat of arms as it loads.






3. Upon completion of loading, the home screen (see below) is shown.




4. Touching the first option marked “Constitution” will open the Constitution’s Contents page.






5. Touching any of the Chapter headings will reveal a drop down menu that shows a list of sections contained in that chapter.





6. Touching any of the Section headings will open the section text


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