Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 15-2015



[5th May 2015]

Committee Meetings Schedule for 5th May Revised:
Industry and Commerce Committee Meeting Rescheduled for Today

Parliament has notified a last-minute change to the timing and agenda for one of committee meetings listed in yesterday’s bulletin as to be held tomorrow Wednesday [Parliamentary Committee Series 14/2015].

The Portfolio Committee on Industry and Commerce will now meet today and will be hearing evidence only from the Zimbabwe Investment Authority – but not from the Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment as well. 

Revised date, time, agenda and venue are as follows:

Tuesday 5th May at 10 am

Portfolio Committee:  Industry and Commerce

Oral evidence from the Zimbabwe Investment Authority on the competitiveness of industries in Zimbabwe.

Venue: Senate chamber

Chairperson: Hon Mhere                         Clerk: Ms Masara


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