President's speech - Opening of 3rd Parliamentary Session - 15 September 2015


15th September, 2015.


Madame President of the Senate,

Mr Speaker Sir,

Members of Parliament,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Comrades and Friends.

Once again, it gives me great pleasure to address this august House, this time, on the occasion of the opening of the Third Session of the Eighth Parliament of Zimbabwe.

This Session commences at a time when the alignment of our legislation to the Constitution being accelerated as required in terms of the provisions of Section 324 of the Constitution.

The Electoral Amendment Act and the National Prosecuting Authority Act, which were prioritized under this exercise, are now operational.

The General Laws Amendment Bill, which will effect non-consequential changes to over 158 statues, together with the Gender Commission Bill and the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Amendment Bill, are already under consideration by Parliament.

Madame President, Mr Speaker, Sir,

In order to stimulate both local and foreign direct investment inflows, Government is carrying out a raft of measures to improve the business environment in the country. In this regard, the Company’s Act and other pieces of legislation, which have hitherto hindered the ease of doing business, will be overhauled. Furthermore, the Zimbabwe Investment Authority Amendment Bill, which seeks to convert the Authority into a true One-Stop-Shop Investment Centre, will be tabled for consideration by this august House.

The State Procurement Amendment Bill, which seeks to improve efficiency in the public procurement system, will also be tabled before this Parliament. “The Bill provides for the conversion of the current State Procurement Board into a non-executive standards setting and compliance monitoring body, while decentralising the procurement function to Ministries, public enterprises and local authorities.

The Special Economic Zones Bill, which seeks to promote exports, boost industrialisation and enhance skills and technology transfer, will also be tabled during this session. In order to promote the revival and growth of the local manufacturing sector, action is being taken to limit the importation of goods for which there is adequate local production capacity. In order to provide anchorage to the efforts at turning around our economy, the Banking Amendment Bill, which seeks to strengthen the banking regulatory system, will be presented in this Parliament.

Madame President, Mr Speaker, Sir,

The Supreme Court ruling on the Common Law position regarding the termination of employment contracts triggered job losses. Regrettably, the compelling need to move with speed on the matter found the social partners rather unprepared. This resulted in some of their proposed amendments not being factored in at the time the Labour Amendment Bill was tabled in Parliament. Government, nonetheless, remains committed to take on board the social partners’ concerns for further amendment of the Labour Act.

Madame President, Mr Speaker, Sir,

The mining sector remains the centrepiece of the country’s economic revival as envisaged under ZIM-ASSET. However, to realise the sector’s full potential, it is necessary to invest in an intensive exploration programme, and in mineral value addition and beneficiation. To this end, the Mineral Exploration and Marketing Corporation Bill, which aims to transform the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe into a full-fledged mineral exploration corporation, will be tabled before this august House.

The Bill will provide for a competitive and investment-focused legislative framework. The Bill for the establishment of the Pan African Minerals University of Science and Technology, which will offer post-graduate training programmes in mineral value addition and beneficiation, is also set to be tabled in this august House.


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