[14th February 2016]

Parliament has called on the public to nominate candidates for appointment as members of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission

Six ZEC Vacancies Coming Up

At the end of March there will be six vacancies on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC].  The 31st March is the date on which six of the current Commissioners will come to the end of their terms of office, which commenced in 2010.  The six Commissioners concerned are Joyce Kazembe [vice-chairperson], Daniel Chigaru, Theophilus Gambe, Petty Makoni, Sibongile Ndhlovu and Bessie Nhandara. 

Commissioners going out of office   The six Commissioners concerned are Joyce Kazembe [vice-chairperson], Daniel Chigaru, Theophilus Gambe, Petty Makoni, Sibongile Ndhlovu and Bessie Nhandara.

Commissioners continuing in office are ZEC chairperson Justice Rita Makarau [appointed 2013] and Commissioners Qhubani Moyo and Emmanuel Magade [appointed in June 2015]. 

Why new appointments urgently needed  ZEC would not be able to function properly with only three commissioners.  Three commissioners would not be able to form a quorum – because the ZEC quorum is five [Constitution, section 344].   It follows that appointments to fill the looming vacancies are urgently needed, preferably before the end of March. 

Parliament Calls for Nominations to Fill ZEC Vacancies

Closing Date 27th February 2016

In recent public notices in the press Parliament has called on members of the public to nominate suitably qualified persons for appointment as members of ZEC to fill the above vacancies [the full text of the notice is available from Veritas at the addresses given at the end of this bulletin].


ZEC members must be Zimbabwean citizens and chosen for their integrity and experience and for their competence in the conduct of affairs in the public or private sector. 


The following are not eligible for appointment:

MPs, local authority councillors

Civil servants, members of the Defence Forces, Police, Prisons and Correctional Service, and other public officers

Employees of local authorities

Members and employees of statutory bodies and government-controlled entities.

A member of a political party is not disqualified, but if appointed must then relinquish party membership within 30 days, if not before. 

Second terms

As Parliament’s notice states, current commissioners who are completing one term are eligible for appointment for a further six years. 

Nomination procedure

Nomination material must consist of—

a completed nomination form [the form can be obtained at Parliament offices or downloaded from the website:]  [It is also available from Veritas at the addresses given at the end of this bulletin.]

a typewritten submission of no more than two A4 pages long stating why the person nominated is a suitable candidate, and

the candidate’s CV  [Note: This obvious requirement is stated in the official nomination form, although not imentioned n the public notice.]

Nominations must be addressed to the Clerk of Parliament in envelopes clearly marked with the name of the Commission and must either be posted, hand delivered or emailed to:

The Parliament of Zimbabwe

Parliament Building

Cnr. K. Nkrumah Avenue and Third Street

P.O. Box CY 298




Closing date   

As the closing date is 27th February, there is not much time left for interested persons and organisations to complete the paperwork and submit nominations.

What Will Happen After Receipt of Nominations

After the closing date for receipt of nominations, Parliament’s Committee on Standing Rules and Orders [CSRO] will, in terms of section 237 of the Constitution—

conduct public interviews of prospective candidates

prepare a list of at least nine nominees for appointment by the President  [Note:  As there are six vacancies, this list must contain at least nine nominees.]

submit the list to the President.

The President must then make his appointments from the CSRO’s list.  He cannot go outside the list or ask the CSRO to think again.


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