Policy Brief on Transitional Justice and Peace Building Mechanisms

This Policy Brief brings out the efficacy of traditional mechanisms of transitional justice, the role of indigenous knowledge systems and local capacities as a way of informing national conversations on transitional justice. It further illustrates how local traditional peace building processes such as Cleansing Ceremony/Kurova Guva/Umbiyiso, Memorial/Nyaradzo/Amaduduzo, Appeasement/Kuripa Ngozi, and Kutanda botso can contribute towards the four pillars of transitional justice: Truth telling, Justice, Reconciliation and Restoration.

Exploring Indigenous Transitional Justice Mechanisms in Zimbabwe further creates an enabling environment for the NPRC to become more effective in its work particularly in the countryside where most violence and gross violations were experienced.

Distributed on behalf of Heal Zimbabwe Trust and Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust, with the hope that the paper will add value to the work of promoting transitional justice in Zimbabwe.

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