Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 19-2016



[21st May 2016]

Parliamentary Committee Meetings Suspended until Monday 6th June

No Portfolio Committee or Thematic Committee meetings will take place for the next two weeks.  Meetings will resume on Monday 6th June.

Both Houses of Parliament have adjourned for a two-week recess, in accordance with the Sitting Calendar for 2016.  Sittings of the Senate and the National Assembly will resume on the afternoon of Tuesday 7th June.

Scheduled Public Hearings on Mash West Child Marriages to continue

Despite the recess, the Portfolio Committee on Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development will conduct public hearings into the High Prevalence of Child Marriage in Mashonaland West at various points throughout the province from Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June. 

See Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 18/2016 of 20th May for details of date, time and place.   

Queries about these public hearings should be directed to the following Parliamentary officials—

Absalom KUNZWA [Committee Clerk]

Mercy CHIDEMO [Public Relations Officer]

Telephone (04) 700181-8 and 252936-50, extensions 2053 or 2236.   Fax (04) 252935.

Constitutional Court Judgment on Child Marriage Available in Soft Copy

You can access the full text of the judgment in the case of Mudzuru and Tsopodzi v The Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and Others by following this link to the correct webpage on the Veritas website.  If without Internet access, send a request by email to the address given at the end of this bulletin.


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