Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 20-2016



[3rd June 2016]

Public Hearings on Local Government Laws Amendment Bill Postponed to
Week Monday 13th to Friday 17th June

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government, Rural and Urban Development was expected to hold public hearings on the Local Government Laws Amendment Bill (2016) starting from Monday 6th June 2016. This is a notice that these public hearings have been re-scheduled to start on Monday 13th June 2016 instead. Veritas will send out the updated schedule of meetings as soon as the information is received from Parliament.

The Local Government Laws Amendment Bill (2016) seeks to align some provisions of the Rural District Councils Act and the Urban Councils Act with section 278(2) and (3) of the Constitution.

Queries about these public hearings should be directed to the following Parliamentary official—

Ms Macheza [Committee Clerk]

Telephone (04) 700181-8 and 252936-50, extension 2222.   Fax (04) 252935.


Veritas makes every effort to ensure reliable information, but cannot take legal responsibility for information supplied

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