Proposer Hon Chamisa, Seconder Hon P. Sibanda
Extract from National Assembly Order Paper for 8th September 2016 1

That this House:
NOTING the disturbing images and video footage of men and women in police uniform beating up innocent civilians
AWARE that the Police Charter rests on the settled principle of pro lege, pro patria, pro populi (for the law, for the country, for the people)
WORRIED by the recent behaviour and conduct of certain Police details in their handling and beating up of demonstrating and peace loving citizens.
CONCERNED with human rights abuses and rule by law instead rule of law, as instigated by certain police officers or persons masquerading as Police;
PERTURBED that the Minister responsible for the Police or the Commissioner General have not made efforts to censure or discipline the perpetrators who violated the National Constitution.
FURTHER CONCERNED that the bad behaviour of a few bad apples among the Police are creating animosity between citizens (people of Zimbabwe) and the Police
ACKNOWLEDGING that His Excellency President Mugabe has publicly condemned the public who were exercising their rights without correspondingly condemning the Police for their abuse of citizen rights and that of the Constitution
NOW THEREFORE, calls upon the Minister of Home Affairs to:
(a) Investigate the conduct of the Police and report to the Parliament
(b) Issue a public apology over the untoward conduct of some of the Police Officers
(c) Immediately implement a training of Police on human rights as part of their curriculum in terms of the Constitution.
(d) Put in place an act of Parliament setting up an Independent Complaints Mechanism for members of the public as contemplated by Section 210 of the National Constitution and
(e) That Parliament sets up a Commission of Inquiry to investigate into the conduct of such officers.


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