Constitution Watch 3-2016


[12th January 2016]

Constitutional Court Hearings Wednesday 13th January

The Constitutional Court court-roll for tomorrow, Wednesday 13th January, has become available since we sent out Constitution Watch 1/2016 and 2/1016.  The only cases on the roll are the two cases by Veritas brought by Veritas that were notified in those two bulletins. 

We are now able to add that the cases are listed for hearing in the following order:

1 Chawira & Others v Minister of Justice & Others, CCZ 47/2015

In this case in which 15 prisoners, who have been on “death row” awaiting execution for periods varying between four and 20 years, seek an order that their death sentences be commuted to life imprisonment.  They argue because to execute them after all this time would amount to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment, which is absolutely prohibited by the Constitution.

2 Rashid Mahiya v Minister of Justice & Others, CCZ 42/15 

In this case the two applicants seek an order compelling the government do something to implement section 210 of the Constitution, which requires the passing of an Act of Parliament to provide an effective independent complaints mechanism to receive, investigate and deal with complaints from members of the public about misconduct on the part of members of the police and other security services. 

There is more detail about both cases in the earlier bulletins referred to above.

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