[19th August 2017]

Judicial Service Commission to Conduct Public Interviews of
Eight Candidates for Appointment as for Appointment as Prosecutor-General

Monday 21st August

This bulletin serves as a reminder that eight candidates for appointment as Zimbabwe’s second Prosecutor-General will be interviewed in public by the Judicial Service Commission [JSC] on Monday 21st August.

Venue:     Rainbow Towers Hotel

Starting Time:       9.00 am

The programme caters for each interview to last up to forty minutes.  The candidates will be interviewed in alphabetical order.

The candidates, all of whom are legal practitioners, are:

        Charles Chinyama

        Ray Goba

        Misheck Hogwe

        Wilson Manase

        Jacob Manzunzu

        Tecler Mapota

        Peter Mafunda

        Florence Ziyambi.

After the Interviews

After the interviews, the members of the Judicial Service Commission must decide on a list of three nominees and forward the list to the President who must make his appointment from the list.  If the President considers that no-one on the list is suitable, he must call on the Commission to produce a second list and must make the appointment from that list. 


The post of Prosecutor-General has been vacant since the dismissal on 9th June of Zimbabwe’s first Prosecutor-General, Johannes Tomana.  

The interviews are the next stage in the appointment process prescribed in the Constitution, section 259(3) of which provides as follows:

“The Prosecutor-General is appointed by the President on the advice of the Judicial Service Commission following the procedure for the appointment of a judge.”

This not the only similarity between the office of Prosecutor-General and the office of a judge.  Removal of a Prosecutor-General must follow the procedure laid down by the Constitution for the removal of judges.  During his or her six-year term of office, therefore, the Prosecutor-General has security of tenure and independence equivalent to a judge’s.

On 19th June the Judicial Service Commission advertised the vacancy created by this dismissal and invited the President and the public to make nominations to fill the vacancy [see Court Watch of 22nd June 2017].  The deadline for submission of nominations was 14th July.  

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