COURT WATCH 2017 Deceased Estates Administration in Harare - Move to Master's Office


[1st September 2017]

Move of Administration of Deceased Estates
from Harare Civil Court to Master’s Office, Harare
with effect from Monday 4th September

The Judicial Service Commission has this week given public notice in newspapers of an important change in the administration of deceased estates in Harare.   The full text of the notice is available on the Veritas website [link].

The notice is addressed to the public, the Estate Administrators Council and its members, the Law Society of Zimbabwe and all legal practitioners.

The salient points of the notice are:-

·         with effect from Monday 4th September 2017 all estates registered and administered at the Harare Civil Court will be administered by the Master of the High Court

·         with effect from the same date all files and records of deceased estates registered at the Harare Civil Court will be transferred to the Master’s Office

·         the office of the Master of the High Court is situated at the Master’s House, corner Second Street and Herbert Chitepo Avenue, Harare

·         the Deceased Estates Registry (DR) reference number of every transferred file will be maintained and must be quoted in making any enquiries regarding the administration of an estate previously registered at the Harare Civil Court.

Contact details for enquiries

Any enquiries about the move should be addressed to one of the following:-

1.   the Judicial Service Commission   [(04) 704118 and 706260]

2.   the Chief Magistrate’s Office   [(04) 774582 and 772995/6]

3.   the Master’s Office   [(04) 253083/123/105]

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