Bill Watch 25 - 2018 President's State of the Nation Address & Legislative Agenda

BILL WATCH 25/2018

19th September 2018

President Delivers State of the Nation Address
and Sets Out Legislative Agenda for 2018-2019

There was a joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament yesterday to mark the official opening of the First Session of the new Parliament. 

In a combined speech, President Mnangagwa delivered his second State of the Nation Address and laid out the Government’s legislative agenda for the session. 

The session is expected to last for approximately twelve months.  The first business sittings for both Houses will be next Tuesday, 25th September.

A soft copy of the speech is attached to this bulletin.  It can also be downloaded from the Veritas website here [link].

A bulletin analysing and commenting on the ambitious legislative agenda will follow shortly.



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