Constitution Watch 01-2013


[27th January 2013]

Final Draft of the New Constitution


This is the final draft approved by the GPA Party Principals and COPAC Co-chairs

Veritas has had permission to distribute it


This draft will be presented to Parliament for endorsement after Parliament re-opens on the 5th February.  After that it can go to the Referendum.  This will probably to be held towards the end of March.  COPAC’s duty now is to make the draft familiar to the public before the Referendum so that there can be an informed vote, although the three GPA parties have said they have instructed their members to vote Yes.


We do not usually send out attachments with our bulletins, but a new constitution is of such general interest and has been so long awaited, we are making an exception.  


We are sending it out zipped as the unzipped version is over 550 KB – if anyone needs it in an unzipped version please request from



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