[25th January 2019]

Open Committee Meetings Monday 28th to Thursday 31st January

The committee meetings listed below, to be held at Parliament in Harare, will be open to the public. Members of the public may attend the meetings as observers only, not as participants, i.e. they may observe and listen but not speak. If attending, please use the entrance to Parliament on Kwame Nkrumah Ave between 2nd and 3rd Streets. Please note that IDs must be produced.

The details given in this bulletin are based on the latest information from Parliament. But, as there are sometimes last-minute changes to the meetings schedule, persons wishing to attend should avoid disappointment by checking with the committee clerk that the meeting concerned is still on and open to the public. Parliament’s telephone numbers are Harare 2700181 and 2252940/1.

Reminder: Members of the public, including Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, can at any time send written submissions to Parliamentary committees by email addressed to or by letter posted to the Clerk of Parliament, P.O. Box 298, Causeway, Harare or delivered to Parliament’s Kwame Nkrumah Avenue entrance in Harare.

Monday 28th January at 10.00 am

Public Accounts Committee

Oral evidence from the Secretary for Finance and Economic Development on the Auditor-General’s observations on the 2017 Report

Venue: Committee Room 4

Monday 28th January at 2.00 pm

Portfolio Committee: Labour and Social Welfare

Oral evidence from the NSSA (National Social Security Authority) on the 2017 NSSA Annual Report

Venue: Committee Room 1

Portfolio Committee: ICT and Courier Services

Oral evidence from the Minister of Information Communication Technology and Courier Services on ZIFA and POTRAZ and POTRAZ loan to ZIFA

Venue: National Assembly Chamber

Portfolio Committee: Transport and Infrastructural Development

Oral evidence from the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe and National Handling Services on the impact of Air Zimbabwe’s Reconstruction Order on their operations.  

[Note by Veritas: GN 758/2018 of 5th October gazetted the terms of the reconstruction order issued by the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs on 4th October, in terms of section 5(2) of the Reconstruction of State-Indebted Companies Act [link], in respect of Air Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd and Air Zimbabwe Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.  The reconstruction order places both companies under the control and management of an administrator, divests the company boards of their powers, states that executives continue in office subject to the control of the administrator, and empowers the administrator to raise money for the purpose of reconstructing the companies.]

Venue: Committee Room 311

Thematic Committee: Gender and Development

Oral evidence from the Minister of Health and Child Care on the treatment of cancer in Zimbabwe

Venue: Committee Room 3

Tuesday 29th January at 10 am

Thematic Committee: SDGs

Oral evidence from the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare on the progress the Ministry has made on the attainment of SDG

Venue: Committee Room 413

Wednesday 30th January

No open meetings scheduled.

Thursday 31st January at 10.00 am

Portfolio Committee: Youth, Sports and Recreation

Oral evidence from the Minister of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation on the establishment of the Zimbabwe Youth Commission

Venue: National Assembly Chamber

Thematic Committee: Indigenisation and Empowerment

Oral evidence from the Secretary for Industry and Commerce on the Indigenisation and Empowerment Policy

Venue: Committee Room 3


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