SI 2019-126 - New Monetary Limits for Civil Jurisdiction of Magistrates Court

This statutory instrument prescribes the monetary limits of the civil jurisdiction of magistrates courts in RTGS dollars, repealing and replacing the previous limits expressed in US dollars [SI 163/2012].

The new limits came into force on 7th June 2019 [the date they were gazetted] and are as follows:

For purposes of section 11(b)(i), (ii), (iii) and (vii) of the Magistrates Court Act ["the Act"]

RTGS $300 000,00

For purposes of sections 12(3)(a) and (b), 13 and 14(1)(d)(a) of the Act

RTGS $1 000,00

For purposes of section 14(1)(d)(b) of the Act

RTGS $300 000,00.

The entire statutory instrument can be downloaded below.




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