Constitution Watch 07-2013


[22nd February 2013]

The COPAC Summary of the Draft Constitution


Attached is the official COPAC summary of the Draft Constitution

[Veritas has had permission to distribute it]


COPAC will be distributing this summary throughout the country and this summary rather than the draft will be the basis of the outreach meetings to familiarise voters with the contents of the draft. 

Please note this is NOT a Veritas summary


COPAC’s publicity campaign starts on Monday 25th February and will run for two weeks.


20 000 printed copies per province of this summary will be distributed by COPAC teams.

10 000 copies of the COPAC draft will also be distributed in each province.



·        The summary will also be made available in all indigenous languages and in Braille. 

·        The complete draft will be available in two main indigenous languages, chiShona and siNdebele. 


Veritas makes every effort to ensure reliable information, but cannot take legal responsibility for information supplied.

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