International Treaties Bill H.B. 10A, 2019 - s aamended by National Assembly in clause 2


The document downloadable below shows the text of the "A" version of this Bill
i.e., the Bill as amended by the National Assembly and transmitted
to the Senate for consideration (hence the reference number
"H.B. 10A, 2019" appearing at the foot of the title page).

The only amendment made was to Clause 2 (Interpretation)
by the insertion of a new subclause (2) explaining
the meaning of “foreign organisation or entity”.

"(2) If any question arises as to the meaning of a “foreign organisation or entity” in connection
with the application of section 327 of the Constitution, or in any other legal context
in which the scope of Zimbabwe’s foreign obligations is in issue,
that phrase (“foreign organisation” or “foreign entity”) shall mean any
corporate entity domiciled or incorporated outside Zimbabwe."

The new subclause appears in red font in the downloadable document below.  .



Download File: