COMMISSIONS WATCH 3-2020 - Parliament Invites Public Nominations for Members of Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission



[06March 2020]


New Appointment Notice

Please note that the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission has appointed Ms Delis Mazambani as its Executive Secretary effective February 2020.

GALZ Workshop

From 27-28 February Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) held a workshop in Gweru for Sensitisation of Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Workshop. The Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission, Elasto Hilarious Mugwadi, made the following remarks in his opening speech;

It is a great honour for me to deliver welcome remarks on behalf of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) and on my personal behalf at this important workshop. Every Zimbabwean citizen is equal before the law in terms of Section 56 of the Constitution which provides for equality and non – discrimination. Zimbabwe is a diverse and multi-ethnical nation with various minority groups whose Constitutional rights have to be respected and protected. The Constitution of Zimbabwe also states at Section 51 that every person has the right to human dignity. The Right to dignity entails that a person must be valued and respected for being what they are and who they are.

As we gather here today and tomorrow it is my hope that the ZHRC’s staff and Commissioners will be capacitated to better appreciate LGBTI rights. It is unfortunate that as a Commission, we have not had much interaction with the LGBTI community in Zimbabwe since our operationalisation in 2014 and therefore cannot pretend to understand their underlying challenges. We have however, had some information exchanges with other human rights stakeholders especially at regional level.

It is therefore imperative for the Commission, to get a better understanding of this category of rights, what they entail, the experiences of citizens concerned, challenges experienced –if any, and also the recommendations on how the Commission could fully implement its mandate, taking cognisance of the LGBTI community’s unique needs.

I am sincerely hopeful that we will be sufficiently exposed and learn more from the lived realities of the LGBTI community who I understand often face discrimination, violence, persecution, blackmail, extortion, disownment by families, unfair dismissal from occupations, invasion of privacy and unequal representation before the law among other ills.

Finally, may I hasten to wish everyone here present fruitful and no holds-barred discussions. With these few remarks, I hereby declare this workshop duly opened.

I Thank You



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