Constitution Watch 9-2012


[14th June 2011]

Changes to Thematic Committee Membership

On 23rd May COPAC reconstituted the Thematic Committees in an effort to speed up progress in their work of analysing the results of the outreach process.  Participants without the necessary computer skills were dropped – and this included many of the MPs who had been on the original list of committee members circulated in Constitution Watch of 14th May.  Team leaders and committee rapporteurs remained the same.  The changes resulted in a reduction in the numbers of people involved, down from 518 to 306 committee members all told [102 nominated by each party].  They are assisted by 51 researchers [17 nominated by each party] and 15 data analysts [5 nominated by each party] to assist them – these numbers had not changed.  It was also found that some committees were working with only one computer and more had to be sourced. 

[Comment: Surely these problems should have been anticipated and solutions arrived at before the costly exercise of putting up hundreds of people at hotels even started?]

Veritas has been trying for three weeks to obtain from COPAC the names of the members of the reconstituted thematic committees and the names of the researchers and data analysts.  Eventually we managed to get the names of the those nominated by MDC-T [see lists below].  We intend to circulate the names of the individuals nominated by MDC-M and ZANU-PF as soon as the party representatives have authorised their release. 

Question: Why are the names of the people on the thematic committees a closely guarded secret?  Where does openness and transparency come into the constitution-making process?  There are indications that people who were rejected even for the 70 outreach teams have found their way back into the process via the thematic committees where it is even more vital that members should be acceptable to all the parties and to the public.  This lack of access to straightforward factual information is making the public doubt even more whether this hugely costly and drawn-out process has really been about consulting the public.

Veritas has also been trying to get the details of the “template” that is been used to analyse the data.  This too seems to be a well-kept secret.  Surely the public have the right to know how these teams are analysing data, especially as the process was held up for several days while political parties disputed the methodology being used.  COPAC announced a compromise had been reached and a new template was being used that satisfied all parties.  Question: Does it satisfy the public?  Have not the people the right to know the methodology of this stage of the constitution-making process – how the opinions expressed at outreach meetings have being fed into the reports of what the people want in the new constitution?

We must remember that in the Referendum in 2000 people voted NO to a new constitution not so much based on its content but on lack of confidence in the process that had produced it.

Stage Reached by Reconstituted Committees

On 9th June the thematic committees have completed their ward reports analysing the results of the outreach meetings in the wards [1957of them].  Reports on data from special outreach meetings, such as for the disabled and the youth, data from Diaspora responses to online questionnaires and other direct submissions were also completed.  What remains to be done is consolidation of ward reports into district reports and then provincial reports; after which the provincial reports must be melded into a national report.  But, COPAC say they have once again run out of money.

Committee members checked out of their hotels on Friday 10th June to take a break while a supplementary budget is negotiated for the completion of the thematic committee stage.  When the committees will reconvene to do this is not yet known.  There will be a further pruning of committee numbers before work is resumed.  A potential problem is posed by reports that ZANU-PF is no longer happy with the compromise reached on 13th May under which two or more meetings held in any one ward would be treated as one meeting.  The MDC-T objected to the participation of Brigadier-General Nyikayaramba as a ZANU-PF nominee, as he had already been disqualified from the outreach teams and recently had made public statements reiterating that President Mugabe must rule forever, casting doubt on his capacity to contribute to an objective analysis of the peoples’ wishes. He has remained in the thematic committees up to now but his continued presence is another item on the agenda of the next COPAC Management Committee, which is scheduled for next week 

Members of Reconstituted Thematic Committees Nominated by MDC-T

Note:  these are the committees that  compiled the  ward reports – they will be pared down for the next stage.

“TL” = Team Leader, “Hon” = Member of House of Assembly, “Hon Sen” =  Senator, “Rap” = Rapporteur.

1.  Founding Principles

MDC-T:  Chitaka Hon. Sen. P (TL); Phiri Government (Rap); Dube Calvin; Chebundo Hon. B; Tshuma Pastor Mose; Govha Tinashe; Masara Sibusisiwe Buda.

2.  Arms of the State

MDC-T:  Kagurabadza Hon M (TL); Mbewu Joshua (Rap); Mupakati Takawira; Mutandiro Sylvester; Ncube Buhle Bethu; Makwere David; Marima Martin; Madamombe Elton; Gwiyo Hon C.

3.  Citizenship & Bill of Rights

MDC-T:  Jiri Hon (TL); Nyathi Melusi (Rap); Madzimure Hon. W.; Razemba Pelagia; Chioneso Isabel; Moyo Hon R; Moyo Allen.

4.  Systems of Government

MDC-T:  Khumalo Hon T (TL); Gutu Vitalis (Rap); Madzivaidze Tsungi; Dzirutwe Hon. G.; Muchabaya Mareyanadzo; Musarurwa Hillary; Tshuma Jabulisa.

5.  Women and Gender

MDC-T:  Matienga Hon M (TL); Shortgame Musaiona (Rap); Massaiti Hon E.; Chinanzvavana Concilia; Chitembwe Josephine(TL); Musonza Thelma; Gutu Tafadzwa

6.  Youth

MDC-T:  Mahlangu  Hon (TL); July Oneck; Hlatshwayo Clifford; Madzore Solomon; Sibanda Hon D; Ngwenya Tyson; Chinoputsa Lovemore

7.  Disabled

MDC-T:  Cherera Farai (TL); Katsande Phillip (Rap); Mabhena  Hon Gift; Muchena P.Z.; Mudehwe Lynette; Ncube Essau; Mudewairi Richard

8.  Media

MDC-T:  Muchauraya Hon (TL); Dube Brillient (Rap); Maguwudze Tawanda; Muradzikwa Virginia; Nyamuramba   Addmore; Wakatama Pius; Mabwe Micheal

9.  War Veterans

MDC-T:  Femai Hon M (TL); Mandivenga Matutu (Rap); Gavhera   Selestino; Mhondiwa  Cathrine; Rumhungwe Muriel; Mukandi Thomas; Pazvakavambwa Liberty

10.  Lands, Resources & Empowerment

MDC-T:  Karenyi Hon (TL); Mwonzora Knowledge (Rap); Kuwarika Peter; Mgugu Abigail; Maunzeni Hellen; Jena Nunurai; Pazvakavambwa Lloyd; Sibanda Hon MF; Zuze Zuze


MDC-T:  Makuyana Hon M(TL); Mandeya Robert (Rap); Munengami Hon F; Shambare David; Phulu Kucaca; Samu Tonderai; Ndlovu Mpumelelo

12.  Elections & Transitional Mechanisms

MDC-T:  Chimhini Hon. P (TL); Wurayayi Paul (Rap); Saruwaka Hon T; Tafirenyika Vincent; Mashoko Matonhodze; Simba Mandla; Cassim John; Mubochwa Jabulani; Ndlovu Melissa

13.  Executive Organs of the State

MDC-TChitando Hon J (TL); Chamisa Nixon (Rap); Machingauta Costa; Karanda Diamond; Muguti Hon. C; Kagodora Gilbert; Mumpande Isaac.

14.  Public Finance

MDC-T:  Nezi  Hon W (TL); Paswani Hazvinei (Rap); Chinyadza Hon W ; Mudiwa Hon S; Sululu Hon A; Kaja Portia; Marima Hon E.

15.  Traditional Institutions and Customs

MDC-T:  Marava Hon Sen (TL); Mudzonga Vitalis (Rap); Muzondiwa Emma; Maramwidze Hon H; Tawa Ratidzo; Towo Alfred; Ncube Morgen.

16.  Religion

MDC-T:  Rutsvara Hon R  (TL); Moyo Douglas (Rap); Magaya Dephine; Zaya Admire; Chikadaya  Phineaus; Dimingu Angeline; Dube Bukosi.

17.  Languages

MDC-T:  Sansole Hon Sen (TL); Chibaya Rachel (Rap); Nyamambi Bernard; Mataruse Prolific; Chirunga Donald; Muguti Revai; Maphosa Wilson.

Researchers and Data Analysts Nominated by MDC-T


MDC-T:  Bamu, Jeremiah; Gonese, Hon I; Hove, Hon S; Khumalo, Donald; Mafume, Jacob; Makumbe, Prof J; Mamombe, Trust; Matibenga, Hon L; Mauchanyerei, Maud; Mugabe, Tafadzwa; Munodawafa, Wabata; Nyamusamba, Blessing; Nyemba, Wimbai; Nyikadzino; Sibanda, Hussein; Zhou, Takavafira.

Data Analysts

MDC-T:  Chikumba, Oliver; Mudehwe, Tauya Lynn; Maisiri, Gilbert T; Mupambirei, Freddy; Makova, Tendai.


Veritas makes every effort to ensure reliable information, but cannot take legal responsibility for information supplied


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