presidential powers

SI 2018-246 Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) (Amendment of Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act and Exchange Control Act) Regulations, 2018

HIS Excellency the President, in terms of section 2 of the
Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act [Chapter 10:20],
hereby makes the following regulations:—
1. These regulations may be cited as the Presidential Powers

SI 2017-110 President Stops Legal Proceedings Against Chitungwiza Municipality

Statutory Instrument II0 of 2017.
Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) (Extension of State Liabilities Act to the Assets of Chitungwiza Municipality) Regulations, 2017
WHEREAS the High Court, on the 6th September, 2017, ordered that the sale in execution of moveable assets belonging to the Chitungwiza Municipality should proceed without delay;

SI 2016-133 - Bond Notes Regulations

The full title of these regulations is Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) (Amendment of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act and Issue of Bond Notes) Regulations, 2016.

The regulations were gazetted on Monday 31st October 2016 and came into force on that date. Unless repealed before then or replaced by an Act of Parlament, they will expire after 180 days from date of gazetting.


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