Marriages Bill - Amendments Proposed by Senator Chief Charumbira & Minister of Justice

The document downloadable below is an extract from the Senate's Order Paper for 23 November 2021 showing the amendments proposed by Senator Chief Charumbira and the Minister lf Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs for consideration when the Senate resumes the Committee Stage of the Bill, which will be with Clause 16 under consideration.   Please note that the document has been reformatted by Veritas as a three-page Word document to render comparison of the rival amendments easier.  The first page shows the rival amendmen

BILL WATCH 51/2021 - Both Houses Are Sitting This Week

BILL WATCH 51/2021

[21st July 2021]

Both Houses Are Sitting This Week

Both the National Assembly and the Senate sat yesterday, 20th July, and will continue sitting today and tomorrow.  Only small numbers of members will be physically present in the two chambers.  Other MPs will participate virtually.  This bulletin will cover business done yesterday and the agenda for both Houses for the rest of the week.

Marriages Bill – Minister’s Proposed Amendments for Senate Committee Stage

The Marriages Bill is on the Senate’s Order Paper for Wednesday 24 March 2021.  Although the Senate has not yet given the Bill its Second Reading, the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Bill has a Notice of Amendments on the Order Paper for the next stage of the Bill, which will be the Committee Stage. 

GN 2021-224 Notice of Vacancies in the Senate

IT is hereby notified that the Commission has received notices of vacancies that have occurred among the party-list members of the Senate by virtue of section 120(1) of the Constitution. The public is, hereby notified, in terms of section 39(4) of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13], of vacancies in the Senate that occurred due to death of the incumbent members from both MDC and ZANU PF. The persons are specified in the Schedule below.

BILL WATCH 53-2020 - Senate Adjourns to 15th September - Appointments to Ministry of Health

BILL WATCH 53/2020

[7th August 2020]

The Senate Has Adjourned to 15th September

Business of Parliament Remains Suspended until Further Notice

First An Apology : In the last Bill Watch we stated that Hon Masango Matambanadzo who passed away recently

was a member of ZANU-PF, but in fact he was a member of the National Patriotic Front


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