state of health delivery system

WORLD HEALTH DAY April 7th 2020


[7th April 2020]

Nurses and Midwives

World Health day could not have come at a more necessary time.  To date, 74,866 people around the world have died of COVID-19, a disease caused by a new coronavirus, and 1,350,357 have contracted the virus.  COVID-19 has highlighted cracks in even the most sophisticated healthcare systems and has shown the importance of access to healthcare.

SC 2015-02 - Report of The Portfolio Committee on Health & Child Care on State of Affairs of the Health Delivery System in Zim

As part of its oversight role overthe Ministry of Health and Child Care, the Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care resolved to enquire into the state of affairs of the health delivery system in Zimbabwe. The public outcry over poor health services and lack of access to the same led to the Cornmittee's decision to conduct an inquiry into the management of the five central hospitals as a way of ensuring that the health provision as enshrined in the constitution is upheld.

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