Assignment of Administration of Acts

SI 2019-022A - Assignment of Administration of Acts to Vice-President Responsible for Procurement & Research

IT is hereby notified, that His Excellency the President has, in terms of section 104(1) of the Constitution as read with section 37(2) of the Interpretation Act  [Chapter 1:01], amended the Assignment of  Functions (The  Honourable Vice-President Responsible for Procurement and Research) Notice, 2018, published in Statutory Instrument 214 of 2018 [link], by the repeal of  the Schedule and the substitution of the following—


The Internet Shutdown - Successful High Court Challenge - Court Application, Respondents' Opposition Papers and Court Order

The Government-ordered Internet Shutdown of 15th January 2018 prompted an urgent application to the High Court for the setting aside of the Government's order to ISPs.

The applicants' papers were filed on 16th January and the Government's opposing papers on 18th January.  The hearing was on 21st January., and the court granted a provisional order setting aside the Government's order plus interim relief suspending the Government's order and directing ISPs to resume normal services forthwith

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