PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEES SERIES 26 - 2018 Open Committee Meetings Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd November



[16th November 2018]

Open Committee Meetings Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd November

During the coming week there will be open committee meetings on Monday morning and afternoon, Tuesday morning and Thursday morning, as set out below.  For a note on what other committees will be doing in closed meetings, please see the end of this bulletin.

Bill Watch 35 - 2018 Parliament Resumes Sitting Tuesday 30 October

BILL WATCH 35/2018

[29th October 2018]

Both Houses of Parliament will Resume Sitting on Tuesday 30th October

The Senate and the National Assembly will sit on Tuesday 30th October for the first time since they last met on 11th October.  This bulletin summarises what happened during the sittings from 9th to 11th October and outlines what is  on the Order Paper for this week’s sittings [see end of bulletin].

SI 2018-159A and SI 2018-168A - First Sitting of Ninth Parliament to be on 11th September

President Mnangagwa has, in terms of section 145 of the Constitution, determined that the first sitting of the Ninth Parliament will take place at Parliament Building, Harare on Tuesday 11th September at 9 a.m.

The President's Proclamation 4/2018, published in Statutory Instrument (SI) 159A/2018, on 29th August and the correction notice that followed in SI 168A/2019, can be downloaded  below [single document containing both SIs]. 


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