Bill Watch 68/2019 of 10th December Coming up in Parliament This Week - Budget and Bills

BILL WATCH 68/2019

[10th December 2019]

Parliament Will Sit This Week, Starting Today, 10th December

This bulletin outlines the programme for this week’s sittings.  First, however, is a paragraph that had to be omitted from Bill Watch 67/2019 of 6th December [link] to avoid undue length.

Non-Adverse PLC Reports on Bills Announced Last Week

Teachers’ Unions Petition to Parliament

On Tuesday 12th November 2019 the Speaker announced in the National Assembly that Parliament had received a petition from the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association to (1) align the Public Service to the Constitution and (2) to ratify International Labour Organisation [ILO] Conventions 51 and 154 in order to ensure industrial harmony;, fair labour standards and social justice in the Public Service.

The Speaker informed MPs that the petition had been referred to the Portfolio Committee for Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare.


BILL WATCH 57-2019 Update on Parliamentary Sittings 22 to 24 October

BILL WATCH 57/2019

[7th November 2019]

Update on Parliamentary Sittings 22nd to 24th October

Both Houses of Parliament Will Reassemble on Tuesday 12th November

Both Houses will reconvene next week, having adjourned until Tuesday 12th November after their last sittings on 24th October.  In the meantime, MPs and Ministers have been attending the pre-Budget Seminar at Victoria Falls from 30th October to 4th November.

BILL WATCH 28-2019 of 28 May - One Bill Passed, More Expected to be Passed This Week

  BILL WATCH 28/2019

[28th May 2019]

Both Houses Sat Last Week and is Sitting Again This Week

Coming Up in Parliament This Week

At the end of last Thursday’s sitting both Houses adjourned until today, Tuesday 28th May.  This is a departure from the Sitting Calendar, which envisaged a break until 11th June.  The departure must have been prompted by the need for accelerated progress on pending Bills.


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