General Notices

GN 2012-280 - Indigenisation requirements - Finance & Other Sectors

General Notice 280 of 2012[1].              

[CHAPTER 14:33]


Net Asset Value, Lesser Share and Maximum Period for Businesses to Indigenise
in the Finance, Tourism, Education and Sport, Arts, Entertainment and Culture,
Engineering and Construction, Energy, Services, Telecommunications,
Transport and Motor Industry Sectors

GN 2015 - 247 General Principles by Which the NPA Decides Whether & How to Institute & Conduct Criminal Proceedings

Publication of General Principles Pursuant to Section 260(2) of the Constitution by the Prosecutor-General.

IT is hereby notitled, in terms of section 13 of the National Prosecuting Authority Act [Chapter 7:20], as read with section 260(2) oftheConstitution of Zimbabwe, that the Prosecutor -General has set out the general principles upon which he or she decides whether and how to institute and conduct criminal proceedings in the Schedule below.


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