May 2011

Constitution Watch 3-2011


[14th May 2011]

Thematic Committee Members

This is the list of members of the seventeen thematic committees as released by COPAC on 13th May.  Chairpersons and deputy chairpersons have been replaced by three team leaders, one from each party.  “TL” = Team Leader, “Hon” = Member of House of Assembly, “Hon Sen” =  Senator, “Rap” = Rapporteur.

PLC Adverse Report - SI 34-2011 - Indigenous Amendment Regulations

In pursuit of its constitutional mandate as provided for in section 40B of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, The Parliamentary Legal Committee met on the 12TH of May 2011 at 1200hrs to consider all the Statutory Instruments that were gazetted during the month of April 2011. After deliberations, the Committee unanimously resolved that an adverse report be issued in respect of Statutory Instrument 34/2011 to the following considerations.