October 2016

BILL WATCH 45-2016

BILL WATCH 45/2016

[4th October 2016]

Both Houses of Parliament Resume Sitting Today 4th October

The Official Opening of the Fourth Session will be on Thursday 6th October

Both Houses to Resume Sitting Tuesday 4th October

The World Day Against the Death Penalty


You are invited to an event to mark this important day

Monday 10th October from 2 – 5 pm in Harare Gardens

The event will celebrate:

- The Life and Dignity of all Zimbabweans

- Zimbabwean Traditional Culture which found the death penalty abhorrent

- The ZANU 1980 Manifesto declaring the party’s intention of abolishing this colonial relic

SI 2016-116 Proclamation 9 of 2016 - Official Opening of Fourth Session of the Eighth Parliament

Proclamation by the President R. G. Mugabe on the official opening date of the Fourth Session of the Eighth Parliament of Zimbabwe. The official opening day has been set as the noon of Thursday, 6th of October, 2016. This Proclamation replaces and overrides Proclamation 6/2016 (SI 101/2016) which fixed a different date.