October 2017

Estate Administrators Amendment Bill - Minister's Proposed Amendment

Extract From National Assembly Order Paper for 31st October 2017



            New clause to be inserted after clause 9


By the Hon. Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs


On page 8 of the Bill, after clause 9, inserted the following new clause, the subsequent clauses being renumbered accordingly: ¾


“10 Amendment of section 54 of Cap. 27:20

Election Watch 18-2017


[30th October 2017]


Electoral Amendment Bill

The Bill could be Introduced in Parliament after both Houses resume on 31st October

This leaves a very short time remaining for lobbying and advocacy

CoE Handbook Reporting on Elections 2017

The right to free elections is guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights. Of all the democratic safeguards against the abuse of political power, it is one of the most fundamental. The ability of individuals to express their identities and choices peacefully, at the ballot box, is central to stability in any society, and so to Europe’s democratic security too.

BILL WATCH 39-2017

BILL WATCH 39/2017

[20th October 2017]

The National Assembly Sat from the 17th – 19th October: the Senate did not

Both Houses will Resume on Tuesday 31st October

National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Bill

The Bill is still being prepared for transmission to the President for assent and subsequent gazetting as an Act.

SI 2017-129 Agricultural Marketing Authority (Livestock Development Levy) Regulations. 2017

IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development has in terms of section 37 oftheAgricultural MarketingAuthority Act [Chapter I8:24]. made the following regulations:-
1. These regulations may be cited as the Agricultural Marketing Authority (Livestock Development Levy) Regulations, 2017.

SI 1983-648 updated - Ex Officio Commissioners of Oaths Designation Notice

Statutory Instrument 648 of 1983.

 [ACT 44/75

Ex Officio Commissioners of Oaths: Designation Notice, 1983

THE Minister of Home Affairs hereby, in terms of subsection (2) of section 7 of the Justices of Peace and Commissioners of Oaths Act. 1975, makes the following notice:¾

1.  This notice may be cited as the Ex Officio Commissioners of Oaths : Designation Notice, 1983.

Election Watch 16-2017


[12th October 2017]

Laws Needing Amendment for Free Elections


In Election Watch 15/2017 we outlined some of the amendments to the Electoral Act that need to be made to bring it into line with the Constitution.  We have also published a draft Electoral Amendment Bill which, if adopted and enacted, would make those amendments.