February 2018

Election Watch 2-2018 - Timeframe for the 2018 Elections


[23rd February 2018]

Timeframe for the 2018 Elections

The polling date of the next general election is the key date which determines when all the other electoral process must take place.

Election Polling Date

In normal circumstances the earliest date for polling is July 23rd and the last date for polling is August 21st.

Public Entities Corporate Governance Bill - Amendments approved by National Assembly 13th February 2018


The Committee Stage of this Bill was taken in the National Assembly on Tuesday 13th February 2018.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development proposed amendments to a number of clauses.  All the amendments were approved by the National Assembly.

The Bill was then referred to the Parliamentary Legal Committee for its report on the constitutionality of the amended Bill.


Electoral Amendment Bill, 2017 - Report by Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

This report was presented in the National Assembly by Committee Chairperson Hon Fortune Chasi on Thursday 15th February 2018.

The report ends thus:


Having analysed the Bill, gathered the contributions from Zimbabweans across the country, and guided by Sections 119 and 155 of the Constitution, the Committee is pleased to make the following recommendations which must all be implemented by 31st March, 2018:

PLC Adverse Report on SI 110-2017 - PPTM Extension of State Liabilities Act to Assets of Chitungwiza Muicipality

In pursuit of its constitutional mandate as provided in section 152(2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the Parliamentary Legal Committee (herein referred to as “the Committee) considered the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) (Extension of State Liabilities Act to the Assets of Chitungwiza Municipality) Regulations, 2017.  After deliberations the Committee unanimously resolved that an adverse report be issued in respect of the Statutory Instrument, due to the following reasons:


Bill Watch Committees Series 4/2018 of 2nd February [Public Hearings on Civil Aviation Amendment Bill]


The Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructure Development will conduct public hearings on the Civil Aviation Amendment Bill in Bulawayo and Harare, as follows [see below for further information on the Bill]:


Monday 12th February starting at 10 am

Venue: Rainbow Hotel


Tuesday 13th February starting at 10 am