May 2022

Parliamentary Committees Series 18-2022 - Public Hearings on Labour Amendment Bill



[28th May 2022]

Public Hearings on the Labour Amendment Bill

The National Assembly’s Portfolio Committee on Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare will conduct a series of public hearings on the Labour Amendment Bill this coming week from Monday 30th to Friday 3rd June. 

Committee members will split up into two teams so as to cover centres in every province. 

Parliamentary Committee Meetings – Week Ending Friday 3 June 2022


The downloadable document below – supplied by Parliament – is the list of Portfolio and Thematic Committee meetings and other Committee activities scheduled for the week ending on 3 June 2022.   Meetings open to the public are indicated by the words [Open Session] in the column headed ACTIVITY and meetings not open to the public are indicated by the words [Closed Session].

CCZ 3/22 Diana E. Kawenda V Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs and Others (Age of Consent Judgement)

The full judgment of the Constitutional Court in this case is the document downloadable below.  The unanimous decision of the Constitutional Court was to allow the appeal against the judgment of Tagu J in the High Court, which is also available on this website here.

GN 2022-1147B - ZEC Programme for Delimitation of Constituencies, Wards and Other Electoral Boundaries

Gazetted 24-05-2022
WHEREAS, it is provided in terms of section 161(1) of the Constitution that, once every ten years, on a date or within a period fixed by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission so as to fall soon as possible after a population census, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission must conduct

Economic Governance Watch 05-2022 - 2022 IMF Report on Zimbabwe


[18th May 2022]

IMF Report on its 2022 Consultation with Zimbabwe :
The Main Points

In our Economic Governance Watch 1/2022 we reported that the International Monetary Fund [IMF] had published its Executive Board’s report on its 2022 Article IV consultation with Zimbabwe.  The report can be accessed on the Veritas website [link].

SI 2022-100 Collective Bargaining Agreement Water Institutions and Ice Blocks Manufacturing Industry

Gazetted 20-05-2022
IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare has, in terms of section 80(1) of the Labour Act [Chapter 28:01], approved the publication of the Collective Bargaining Agreement set out in the Schedule registered in terms of section 79 of the Labour Act [Chapter 28:01].<