July 2022

Bill Watch 31-2022 - In the National Assembly 12-14 July & Coming up in both Houses This Week

Correction of Date to Bill Watch 29/2022

The fourth line of the heading to Bill Watch 29/2022 wrongly stated that the Senate had adjourned until 12th July instead of the 19th July.  The copies of the bulletin on the Veritas website have been suitably amended.

BILL WATCH 31/2022

[19th July 2022]

In the National Assembly 12th to 14th July

SI 2022-131 Exchange Control (Payment for Electricity and Related Services in Foreign Currency by Exporters and Partial Exporters) Order, 2022

Gazetted 11-07-2022
IT is hereby notified that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, in terms of section 40 of the Exchange Control Regulations, 1996, and with the approval of the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, has made the following order:—

Private Voluntary Organisations Bill, 2022 Model Bill

This Bill will replace the Private Voluntary Organisations Act [Chapter 17:05] with a new Act which will give effect to freedoms of association and expression, guaranteed by sections 58 and 61 of the Constitution, while at the same time ensuring that money collected from the public for charitable and similar purposes is not stolen or used for different purposes, as well as safeguarding private voluntary associations from being used as fronts for money laundering, financi